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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it alright for me to come if I’m not Christian?
Of course! Please join us! We want to share with many people what the Bible teaches about true love.

Q2. How should I dress?
J-House has no dress code requirements. Jeans and t-shirts are fine. We have a very casual environment!

Q3. If I go to church, will I be forced to believe?
No, we want to teach everyone about what the Bible says. Choosing to believe or not to believe is a personal decision. The decision of whether or not to become a Christian aside, we suggest that you learn about what the Bible teaches.

Q4. Do I have to give money to attend meetings?
No, offering is not like an entrance fee. People who regularly attend church give money as a form of gratitude for what God has done for them. Furthermore, offering is always optional, it is not obligatory. First-comers and people who have not prepared an offering may simply pass the offering bag to the next person.

Q5. Isn’t it dangerous?
The current trend in Japan is that if we hear about a new religion, we immediately think it is dangerous. Certainly, there are dangerous new religious groups, but J-House believes in a relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth, not a religion.






Ministry time



Fellowship  Lunch & GT(Let’s Grow Together!)
一部礼拝の後すぐ、1階カフェにて昼食が準備されています。お時間のある方は是非一緒に昼食を食べてください。皆で食べる食事はとてもおいしいと思います。また昼食後に、GT(Let’s Grow Together!)という、3〜8人のグループでいろいろお話ししたり聞いたりできる時間があります。こちらも時間のある方は是非参加してください。


Frequently used expressions at J-House

It means “truly,” “exactly,” “indeed,” or “so be it.” It is often said at the end of prayers and hymns. If you agree with what is being said in the message, please feel free to say “Amen!”

Meaning “Praise the Lord!” It is an expression of gratitude to God. It is often used in the book of Psalms, as well as in worship, praise and prayer.

Devotions are our daily personal time with God. We meditate on the Word that God has given to us and ask Him to help us apply it to our lives. We also give thanks to God and make requests in prayer. It is a time to build our relationship with God.


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